HOTEL19 is situated right in the historic centre of Kharkiv, in a building, designed by Nicolay Stakenschneider, a son of a famous St. Petersburg architect....

Nasha Dacha

Every detail in Guest House is designed for giving our guests a truly “chalet feeling.” The silence that may be interrupted only by a birdsong,...

Kharkiv Palace

“Kharkiv Palace” is the first luxury+ hotel in our city representing the idea of discreet luxury of the third millennium. The hotel is designed in...


We would like to bring to your attention a brand new ground handling service – General Aviation Service – that has been organized at the International Airport Kharkiv prompted by great experience and almost a century of traditions.

Contacting GA Service offers an opportunity to use the services of qualified personnel, the VIP terminal facilities, separate apron and personal hangar at significantly lower prices than those elsewhere in Ukraine or the CIS.

A personal supervisor will provide 24/7 help to meet your needs. While waiting for passengers, your crew would certainly enjoy our comfortable crew lounge offering lunch and refreshments, as well as a preflight briefing room. We are offering all of the above mentioned services free of charge for the period of six months starting October 1, 2012 so that you could appreciate the true value of our services. You will find the detailed list of our services here.

Today, thanks to GA Service, business aviation handling in Ukraine may reach a higher level of quality.
Our team is confident that success is made up of a number of small details which we are going to take care of.